It all started a couple of years ago, when I was still back in University. I had (and still have) a friend that is very much into servers and networking. You can check his stuff on his Reddit account.


We worked together at the same job and he got me into servers and the hardware surrounding it. I started watching eBay and local secondhand websites to get my hands on some hardware that I could afford and soon I had my first 2U machine. It was a very silent and also low-power machine since it had to be kept in my room (2 meters from my bed) and I also had to sell the idea to my mom that there would be a computer on, all of the time, using power all of the time.

Filling the rack

Not long after that I felt like it was necessary to take it a step further and started gathering hardware to assemble a 4U machine with dual processors. As I was buying parts left and right, I soon realized that I could not keep these machine just laying on top of my desk. No, it needed a proper housing.

Logically, I had to buy a 12U rack. Not only did it house a 1U, 2U and 4U server. It also contained the amplifier for my stereo installation and a switch to route the traffic between the three servers. I also bought an mFi Power Mini to monitor power usage.
The whole thing fitted perfectly underneath my desk, with only a couple of centimeters to spare.


After that I graduated and moved in with my girlfriend. Soon, my parents also started to move and decided they did not want that huge cabinet anywhere near them. It moved with me to the tiny apartment I currently live in, taking up as much space as a tumble dryer in the already limited space.

It's a bit too big (heh)

As we are planning to move again this summer, I didn't really look forward to dragging the cabinet to the next place. Funny enough, once your parents don't pay for it anymore, the electricity bill became more important. And on top of it all, it was still taking up a lot of space and I really wanted some new hardware (it had been too long).


That's where we are at right now, the new thing has arrived and I've just about finished setting it up. I sold the RAM, motherboards and housings from the other computers and I ended up with:

All of this is running Proxmox VE 5.0 like before, but now on a single node. Currently I'm trying to migrate as many of the VM's to containers as possible.